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Selection of canvases

Canvas wrap and gallery prints lend themselves to the modern clean lifestyle decor of today, and one of the main attractions is the simplicity and the fact that there is no “clutter” of a frame to distract from the main attraction, the subject of your canvas print.

You can give renewed life to older photographs, the Black and whites or Sepia from a byegone age or even give a retro look to the sixties and seventies, adding that twist that makes them just right for your home and the modern age.

Vesti Morbi

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Methods of Payment

How to Order

Tell us Your Address

We need your address and contact number for delivering your photograph and we also need payment for the correct amount before we can carry out the order

You can pay by cheque,bank transfer or Paypal, or if you are ordering in person you can pay by cash.

You need to send us your photo, as a photo by post, or digital form by email.

If it is by post we will check that the photo is good enough to digitalise and enlarge first, then  we will scan the photo to make a digital copy and print it out to the size requested.

If it is by email once again firstly we will check the photo for suitability for enlargement and printing to the size you want.

If for any reason we consider it not suitable ,we will return the item without any charge to you

When you send your photo by post or email,please make sure you say what size you would like it printing and the style you have chosen